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All our services are provided digitally ensuring a vivid interactive experience for everyone involved.

We explore your needs with pure curiosity to address them as accurately and quickly as possible.

We reveal creative human nature by building skills and attitudes that bring people back into the core of the business.

Strategic HR Consulting

Change Management

We believe that successful Change Management needs to cover both the minds and the hearts of people, as it is all about the way people work.

Change is a process. It takes inspiring, mobilizing, and shifting the organization to effect transformation.

Humans are one of the most adaptable species. People indeed love change. It evolves us and makes our life richer and meaningful.

It has even greater validity for business organizations and their evolution. The winning strategy – Change before you have to.

We see 3 Critical Steps in Managing Change:

  1. CommunicatePut transparent and timely communication in place about change, and adhere to it every step of the way. This makes change less scary for people.
  2. Employee-DrivenGet employees on board and get them excited to grow and evolve. Explain how their role impacts your vision, help them feel important to minimize resistance, and maximize engagement and contribution.
  3. TransparencyBe open with people and encourage feedback. Despite the quantity and frequency of communication you do and the involvement you encourage, employees should always have the opportunity to ask questions and receive authentic answers.

To go through those steps like a pro, we equip you with:

  • Streamlined process
  • Practical tools and transformation competences
  • Agile mindset and courageous attitude

We offer two formats of this product:

  1. Survival kit – one full day intensive workshop on Change Management, a magic combination of essential tools and skill-set. Suitable for 12-24 participants.
  2. Tailor-made project – based on the diagnostics of your needs to support you on the journey of establishing the proper processes and mindsets to manage change in your organization successfully.
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Organizational Culture

Businesses organizations, just like people, need purpose, acknowledgement and satisfaction.

Your organizational identity and values define your reputation, culture, and influence your business strategy.

We are motivated to partner with you in building or uplifting an outstanding Corporate Identity and Culture in alignment with your values and business objectives.

Here is how we do it:

  1. We Gather Input: We take into consideration the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental frameworks your business operates in.
  2. Vision: We help you answer: What is your audacious vision about the future? How do you reshape your industry? How does the world look like when your company fulfils its mission?
  3. Mission:  We help you answer:  What is your organization’s purpose? What value do you create and whom do you create it for?
  4. Values:  We help you answer: What are your guiding stars? How do you translate them into behaviours that ensure you live your values in practice? Having everyone playing by the same rules brings clarity to what you praise and which standards you follow.
  5. Communication: We co-create Internal and external activities and rituals for employees’ and stakeholders’ engagement and involvement.
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Employer Brand

Every organization has to choose - to shine bright and attract the best talent, or to wait for people to pick up the company to work for.

We follow a certain process to partner with you in building or uplifting an outstanding Employer Brand in alignment with your company values and business objectives.

Here is how we do it:

  1. Define goals: we work side by side to outline your ambition and make it tangible with appropriate KPI’s. We analyze where do you stand in the eyes of your stakeholders and among your main competitors with the help of surveys and competitors’ analysis.
  2. Define EVP (Employer Value Proposition): we discover the factors that make your company the employer of choice by your current employees. These factors shape your EVP that you will convey forward to your desired new hires and partners.
  3. Identify ideal candidate persona: we define the persona of the professional that fits best your culture and needs. We explore the socio-psychological traits of this individual, his/her top skills, job search behaviours and preferred communication channels.
  4. Define channels and methods to promote the brand: following your ambition, EVP and candidate persona we build a multilevel communication strategy to promote your employer brand in and outside the organization.
  5. Measuring results: after the implementation of agreed improvements and fine-tunings we monitor and analyze the KPI’s set to adjust or sustain the outcomes of the project.
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Podcasts Production

Distant work, digital interaction and combining business, personal and family life at one physical space require a more convenient and effective approach for companies to communicate.

The Studio helps you share valuable information with internal and external audiences via the most intimate and engaging sense - our ears.

Podcasts have been constantly increasing their audience and followers all over the world for the last years. They are a channel with great potential and unlimited opportunities for authentic, memorable and effective communication.

We offer E2E service for:

  • Podcast series for internal communication 
  • Podcast series for external communication with clients, partners or potential employees

 We create a customized concept with the following elements: 

  • Name and slogan of the podcast series
  • Design of key visuals
  • Content curation and hosts
  • Professional audio production and postproduction
  • Podcast platforms account management 

We provide a ready for release final product meeting the highest technical standards. 

We also build a strong marketing strategy with the help of esteemed professionals to help you reach the right audience and maximise the effect of your podcast series.

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Signature Workshops

Critical & Systems Thinking

Some problems can be resolved with straightforward actions. More often today some conundrums are frustrating and intractable, despite your best efforts.

To think objectively and build good reasoning is a must for business leaders to make optimal decisions.

Critical thinking allows you to evaluate and analyze information, to correctly identify the real problem and its root causes.

We will dive into:

  1. What is critical and systems thinking – theory and schools from the ancient philosophers to the present thinkers
  2. Physiology and psychology of thinking
  3. Process, skills, and attitudes for Critical and Systems Thinking
  4. Asking powerful questions and reasoned persuasion
  5. Methods for critical thinking and decision making – through the prism of Systems Practice, a method developed by Omidyar Group from Silicon Valley

You will also have access to a portfolio of step-by-step tools, processes, and mindsets to apply to your current and future work.

Full-day workshop, suitable for 12-24 participants.

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Concentric Circles of Communication

Communication is a key factor in humans’ life. It is even more valid for the business in terms of a positive and productive workplace, building networks, and making a positive difference that will make your people and company stand out.

This topic has three aspects that we adapt according to the organization’s context.

Module 1 – Communication Profiles
You learn what is your own communication profile and needs, how to recognize other peoples’ profiles and adapt the communication accordingly, including in cross-cultural interaction.

Module 2 – Human-centered Communication
You learn how to build and maintain rapport recognizing the representational systems, practice giving and receiving feedback easily and effectively.
You develop skills for conflict resolution with empathy.

Module 3 – Engaging Communication
You explore techniques both for face-to-face conversation and impactful presentations.

You will learn to visualize information clearly and effectively, structure the content, articulate ideas, and share knowledge by engaging the emotions and minds of the audience.

12 hours of training divided into 3 half-day modules, suitable for 12-24 participants.

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Mindset Design

Mindset is an abstract term that may be confusing for many. We approach its most relevant business aspect - how your beliefs determine the decisions that you take as business leaders.

During the workshop, you are invited to explore your own mindset and belief systems thanks to engaging self-reflective exercises.

We discuss the neuroscience behind our mindset and the phenomenon of neuroplasticity. This is the ability of the brain to rewire itself by creating literally new thinking models and new neural pathways.

You understand better yourselves as leaders and how your mindset was shaped.

We give you scientifically proven methods to redesign your mental models and equip you with tools and techniques to train your mental agility.

Our motivation is to inspire you to build the habit to observe and change your thinking in synchrony with the ever-changing environment. Thus you become more flexible, opportunity oriented and self-aware.

Full-day workshop, suitable for 12-24 participants.

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Tailor-made Experiences For Teams

We offer flexible digital formats, as well as live interactions and facilitation. We aim to create a non-formal and warm atmosphere to reveal the positive qualities of the team and to make collective intelligence thrive.

For us, team building is the process of sharing values ​​and building a culture of unity and support to achieve the common goal with enthusiasm.

Teambuilding is the inclusion of teammates for efficiency and revealing the qualities of people in a supportive and creative environment.

We listen to you carefully to sense your needs and create a fully customized experience for your team.

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H2H Tools

Coming soon! 😉

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